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We have lots of experience.

Founded by one of the pioneers of 3D body scanning for VFX, Mirror3D is made up of a passionate team of 3D scanning and photography experts based in Toronto, Ontario. We have extensive in-house skills to draw upon, with core members of our team having provided 3D scanning services (sets, vehicles, props and bodyscanning) on over 90 feature films, working with many of the world's top VFX houses as well as 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures, and New Line Cinema. 

We have extensive on-set experience, we understand set etiquette and we thrive under pressure.

Contact Us for your current or upcoming scanning needs! 


Pioneers in bodyscanning for VFX. 
High Res Heads.


Lidar  - Full Colour
Camera Tracking
Hero Replacement Geo.
Unreal Engine Assets.


HDRI Photography, additional reference and texture photography


Over 20 years of 3D scanning experience in VFX


We would love to help with your VFX project.

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