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Mobile 3D Body Scanning

We spent a year designing, wiring (5KM of wire!) and programming our own 3D bodyscanning system based on 20 years of experience in the VFX industry. The Mirror3D body scanning system boasts 192 cameras (cross polarized ) and is mobile, robust, and reliable. Our 3D body scanner captures full color images and geometry,  and our services don't cost a fortune. No structured light or separate high res head scans. 

Our 3D scanning team can be set up in a matter of hours, and the technology is armed with layers of redundancy (UPS units +) and captures high resolution face/head data at the same time. Talent can be in and out almost instantly.
Need FACS poses too?  No problem.


Contact Us today for your current or upcoming scanning needs! 


Pioneers in bodyscanning for VFX. 
High Res Heads.


Lidar  - Full Colour
Camera Tracking
Hero Replacement Geo.
Unreal Engine Assets.


HDRI Photography, additional reference and texture photography


Over 20 years of 3D scanning experience in VFX


We would love to help with your VFX project.

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